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All services are individually tailored to the client to ultimately bring them to a healthier life and fitness level. Most clients already know what they want to achieve. For some it is weight loss and toning, others it is to bulk up on muscle, others it is generally to get fitter just so they can ride their bike or play football with the grandkids etc. Fitness is for all ages. Unfortunately so many people have been put off fitness due to bad experiences at school where they never “fitted in” to any particular sport and felt unwanted when it came to picking teams. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle where sport is watched rather than being a participator. Or sport and fitness has never been part of someone’s daily life.

Fitness starts at the basic level and can involve walking, hiking or running. In the gym it can be added to with various forms of training on such machines as cross trainers, rowing machines, bikes and running machines. (I avoid the term treadmill due to its negative connotations). Weights, kettle bells, boxercise, suspension training can all be added to make a varied and interesting programme set at the level each client feels able to cope with and yet progress. Progression is monitored and things are added and greater weights or more repetitions are added as a client progresses.

Circuit training takes place normally outside in a field during the spring and summer or in a larger gym during winter months. This involves setting up a number of exercises in a circle which are run to in succession with a base in the middle where star jumps accompany the exercises. Each base can be squats, lunges, weights, ropes, sit-ups, leg raises etc. Again the amount and how hard they are will be determined by the level of fitness a client starts with and then progressively repetitions or other exercises are added to keep the circuit flowing and interesting.

Again, for some this sounds daunting, but believe me, I have had many clients who have come to me with incredibly low fitness levels and after 6 months have achieved incredible goals. For some it can take a little longer, it depends what effort a client puts into their programme and how deeply they want to achieve their goals.

Fitness training works particularly well with all age ranges but is especially beneficial for those that have tried very diet fad and every fitness DVD and find within weeks they have tailed off due to lack of support. The point of having a personal trainer like me is that it keeps you on course. There is no judgment as to your condition when you come to me and I will always be positive and encouraging every step of the way. Don't hesitate, if you live in the Poole, Bournemouth, or Christchurch areas and you want to change your life contact me now!


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Everyone can be fit, toned and healthy! It is from this premise that I design individual workouts, training and circuits to get my clients to that point. Whatever your goals and dreams are for your body I can help you achieve them.

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